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Koi swimming in a tub.
October 25:
Running a Koi Show

Have you ever wondered what is involved in running a koi show? John Hall, from the Chicago area's Midwest Pond and Koi Club, will let us know. He got his start with a 3000 gallon garden style pond, was "bitten by the koi bug" and is now chairing his club's 25th annual koi auction this year. Join us at our meeting Tuesday, October 25th.

The meeting, free to both members and non-members, will be held at the Missouri Botanical Garden Ridgeway Center, Beaumont Room at 7pm. We hope to see you there!

Coming Up: Annual Elections, Budget Approval and Pot Luck November 22
It's time to elect our president and treasurer for the next two years! Any nominations need the prior consent and willingness of the member being nominated. Volunteers are encouraged!

Cindy Williams will be coordinating the potluck. See Water Word for further details.

A View from Pond-O-Rama 2016
Pond-O-Rama 2017
Are you considering putting your pond on tour for the 2017 Pond-O-Rama? It's never too early to start thinking about it!

Would you be interested in chairing Pond-O-Rama 2017? There's a lot of knowledge from past years in the Pond-O-Rama notebook that comes along with the job: schedules, advertisers, past vendors, etc., and lots of good people willing to help.

New Link to Online Catalog
Check out the online catalog of things you can have embroidered with the SLWGS logo! The SLWGS Merchandise page now has a link to an online catalog at www.companycasuals.com/embroiderygallery where you can browse the possibilities and see available colors, sizes, fabric, and garment details. Once you know what you want, contact Ruth Mosley for price information and to have her place the order for you.